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A toy dog wearing sunglasses and a fur coat.
Social Media
August 31

How To Make Your Dog Famous On Instagram

Aside from celebrity photos, Instagram is full of pet pictures. There’s no better way to show how proud you are of your furkid than to take selfies and upload them on social media.

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A girl taking a selfie with her dog while using the dog filter from Snapchat.
June 7

Enhance Your Snapchat Experience With Pooch Selfie

Download Snapchat and use your Pooch Selfie attachment and capture the ULTIMATE Selfie with your Dog.

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A woman taking a picutre of her dog wearing a hat with Pooch Selfie
May 25

How To Get Your Dog To Smile In A Selfie

We all love to see that little grin that our pups give us when they are having fun out with us. It makes for that perfect selfie of your pup to really capture how they are feeling!

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A kid taking a picture of a dog using the Pooch Selfie
May 18

Even The Kids Can Take Picures With The Pooch Selfie

Face it! Our children are the “selfie-generation”. We go out to eat at the restaurant and to entertain our little ones, we hand them a phone and they go straight to their favorite app.

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A woman taking a picutre of her dog wearing a hat with Pooch Selfie
May 10

Change It Up! Get More Selfie Options By Using Both Facing Camera On Your Smartphone

There is no right or wrong way to take a selfie. But we can't argue that no matter how great our selfies with our pets turn out using the easy front-facing camera on our smartphone, the back-facing camera still dominates.

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A woman bending down to take a picture of a frenchie.
May 03

Get Low When Taking Photos Of Your Dog With Pooch Selfie

Remember, your pups are not the same height as you … unless you have a Great Dane :) That means you need to get on their level and typically need to crouch down to take selfies with or of your dog.

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April 26

Be Unique! Use Props To Enhance Your Pooch Selfie

The Pups in our lives become our furry children, and everyone loves to dress up their kid! Be creative and add some fun to your Pet Selfie! The options are endless out there from sunglasses, shirts, to scarves and face props!

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A woman and her dog taking a selfie together.
April 21

Capture The Best Selfies This Summer With Your Dog

The weather is starting to warm up and school is about to be out for the summer. Your pups sitting at home while you are at work during the day are ready to get out and play!

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The CNET Logo
September 21

Tennis Ball Stuck To Your Phone Could Make For Great Dog Selfies

Check out out review on CNET!

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